Oral Histories: Private Sector

The oral histories listed here include the interviews that we conducted with players within the private sector during the run up to the financial crisis. Click on the person’s name for their information and interview, and click on their role for more information about their position.

Name: Paul Stock Role: Former Counsel at the North Carolina Bankers Association

Name: Lawrence Baxter Role: Former Wachovia Corporation Chief eCommerce Officer

Name: Hank Cunningham Role: Former President of Cunningham & Company and the Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas

Name: Peter Gwaltney Role: Former President and CEO of the Louisiana Bankers Association

Name: Daniel Berry Role: CEO of Duke University Federal Credit Union

Name: Mark Goldhaber Role: Former Senior Vice President for Genworth Financial (formerly GE Mortgage Insurance)

Name: Paul Jaber Role: Former Executive Vice President of the Mortgage Banking Group at First South Bank